Friday, November 18, 2011

youtube for the day/ After the Warming / James burke

Recently, global warming researchers suggest that the earth will go into a lot more violent weather mode - in about five years. That number has to be rough; it could be a little sooner or a little later.

I've decided to post this on my blog here finaly because our current civilization is defined by industrialism started around the 1700s. This technologized agriculturalism has a dependence on a finite energy source(human lifetime speaking; over geologic time periods the supply of coal and oil can be replenished).  As I've suggested on this blog, knowledge and really technology comes from daming up nature - such as what agriculturalism did by making us have to perform pest control, irrigation, and fertilization.  These are finite cuts in the infinit continuity of the universe.  So, they lead to problems(mathematical problems defined?); one answer leads to one or more problems and so technological development generally accellerates.  Well, the finite energy source dependence of industrialism presents a problem.  How to move to another energy source! 

One solution is space colonization, which doesn't look like it will happen without some other solution - such as nanomanufacturing, nuclear fusion(preferably over fission).  Well, nanotechnology is developing fast; but, honestly, looks like the transition to the nanotechnological era will be rough indeed!  Full of cold snaps and heat waves!

----------in a December 17, 2011 update, looks like the effort to meet the five year deadline is too late!(and there was a big conference and major laws passed by the global community to deal with this five year deadline),

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