Tuesday, October 4, 2011

thought for the day/ scientific economy

I'm copying and pasting a post I made originaly elsewhere.  I generally don't care about economic issues; but, I made this thought; and, now, I'm posting it here!


As of paragraph two, the main concerns are problems of getting to space whether govenment or commercial/private.
The Issue is money. Trying to sell space colonization and exploration/expansion to the public has always been a problem because your asking them(both government and non-science public) to fund a minority(scientists are a minority in this high tech age!) to go storming the heavens!
What’s more, these very same people are struggling to understand how to make an economy working! The answer is obvious from perhaps a radical scientists perspective; science and technology(hence space; although, nanotech calls into question space expansion as the only solution to humanities woes) is how you generate wealth! Look, you want to make jobs? Make new science and technologies! Since we’ll never know the whole truth, there’s always room for some new scientific and technological discovery! Space also fits in nicely with this arguement!

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