Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thought for the day/ reason versus fear

around 5:35 of this youtube, 'Mr Carpenter' says "I am fearful when i see people substituting fear for reason."

I've mentioned a few biblical quotes that seemed to be vagueness manipulation like the god telling Moses "I am that I am" and Paul supposedly saying I will be a jew to a jew, a greek to a greek in order to convert.  Godel's theorems show that a consistent set of finite axioms cannot prove an infinity of truths; but a vague inconsistent set of axioms can.  I've argued that God is a vague inconsistent concept that allows to sweep problems under the rug.  I've seen a statement in the dead sea scrolls when reading John Allegro's "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth" that is this vagueness gaming. I beleive this goes further.

Seems to me that there's some people that are about reason.  Others, play these vagueness games.  I would argue that these people play fear games to keep from thinking. I would further argue that most people get into various social groups so those groups can protect them from the general fear mongering of society. If somebody gives them irrational trouble, they just get their friends to go and take care of the given group of people.

I would further argue that people don't question assumptions; they also make over-under generalizations. One of the major signs of a fear monger is they don't ask questions; they just play fear games.

What's really bad about supernatural religions is they hide behind babies, mothers, wives and so on. They play crying games.  Eusebius in his introduction to his "History of the Church" notes that the persecutions the Christians accussed the roman empire were overblown. Christians are always quick to point out the persecutions as proof of their religion.

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