Tuesday, September 6, 2011

youtube for the day/ first nano molecular motor

Already they're talking about meshing them to make nano-mechanical devices. “The next thing to do is to get the thing to do work that we can measure – to couple it to other molecules, lining them up next to one another so they’re like miniature cog-wheels, and then watch the rotation propagation down the chain,” - Dr Sykes

This doesn't seem like much progress considering Eric Drexler has been trying to work on the theoretical aspects and get others to do the experimental aspects for like thirty plus years; but, this is just one recent development; there's a wealth of stm developments and other nanotechnologies that can 'mesh' with this.  Still, it will be interesting to see how quickly these guys and others use this with all kinds of other nanotechnologies like graphene, dna-nanotech and so on.

I just noticed something peculiar . . . the date of this video's upload . . . Aug 17, 2010. 

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