Friday, September 30, 2011

A Greek Coin has a depiction of 'geometic algebra'

I'm affraid this is my best proof right now.  Even the link doesn't show it; but, it does show a statement to the effect.  I've shown Minoan coins showing mazes; now Greek coins showing 'Geometric Algebra.'  And, of course, there's lots of coins of Roman emperors; there's coins of Jewish interest as well.  But, there's no coins of Jesus Christ!

I've finalty found an internet picture of the coin!  So, I've taken down the link above!

Here's a Jerusalem coin of like 400 B.C. of Yehwey.  Who says the Jews didn't make art of concepts and historical events they thought were big?  And if so, why didn't they make any Jesus Christ coins?

- This is a Jewish coin 55 B.C. "In about 55 BC the Roman moneyer Aulus Plautius issued a denarius with a peculiar reference to Judaism in its reverse inscription. Its obverse bears a turreted head of Cybele, probably a reference to the Megalesian games, sponsored by Rome's curule aediles, a title Plautius included on his coin. The reverse shows a man kneeling aside a camel, extending an olive branch to a Roman soldier. The legend inscribed on the reverse, of which 150 different die types are known, is "BACCHIVS IVDAEUS" (Bacchius Judaeus)." 

This is proof of mixing Judaism with Greek sungod religion(see my Gospel of Truth about sungods and Jesus Christ). It's also of course further evidence that if Jesus Christ had actually existed, they would have made coins of him.  But, there aren't any . . .

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