Monday, August 7, 2017

astro picture for the day/ Lets solve our problems here on Earth first before going out to space

Image credit: NASA, ESA

- When I was young, I remember people arguing against going out to space because we'll just drag our human problems out there. They were either saying we shouldn't go; or, we shouldn't allow people to out to space till we solve our human problems here on Earth first. I don't hear people saying that anymore. Of course, if these types of thoughts were to be brought up again, you know what I'd throw at them!

The problem of getting religious people, if you want to call them that, to be honest about it all suggests that we won't get these people to admit to truths anytime soon.  If we had to solve our problems here on Earth first, we'd never get out to space!

One of the main reasons people have thought for establishing a permanent human presence in space is to overcome extinction due to 1) asteroid impacts, and 2) nuclear holocaust.  I would say, 3) one should establish mankind out in space, so that no ideological faction can prevent new correct ideas from changing old, wrong ideas. Colonizing space frees the human mind like what the great European voyages did back in the ~ 1500s. It would have a Renaissance affect.

- Here's a pretty good documentary on ESO(European Southern Observatory)'s MUSE instrument. A kind of 3d spectrograph. It takes pictures and spectrographs, in 3d, of astronomical objects at the same time.


  1. Since the last time I tried to post replies of all kinds of exciting Science news, there's been so much that I don't know where it could end. I don't know where I ended last time. Remarkably, the amount of Astronomy pictures kind of ran out. But, maybe that will change soon. There's the James Webb space telescope . . . there's the ESO four ten meter each interferometer. I've heard they're close to installing a new adaptive optics system that will allow them to use the four ten meters telescope as an interferometer and process images faster.

    1. found the article for ESO's new adaptive optics system -

  2. There's now evidence of another planet, out beyond Pluto. This is another planet, other than the Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin 'PlanetX" So, there could be two more planets. And, there might be another planet far beyond those two!

  3. Here's an article suggesting Ilya Prigogine's "stable non-equilibrium thermodynamics' theory of the origin of life is on the right track,

  4. Physicists observe gravitional symmetry breaking of quantum particles,

  5. Here's a new archaeology of numbers book I want to read - i'll post this here so I can find it quckly enough,

  6. proof of "let's solve our problems here on Earth first" mentality,