Saturday, September 5, 2015

astro picture for the day/ thought for the day extra - Plank data on Cosmic Neutrino background detection

ESA/Hubble & NASA and the LEGUS Team
Acknowledgement: R. Gendler

Here's a pretty good article suggesting intelligence in this sector of the universe might be able to confirm the cosmic neutrino background --> CONFIRMED: The Last Great Prediction Of The Big Bang!

The article does a pretty good job explaining the significance of this scientific work. The Big Bang theory was confirmed by the detection of a cosmic background radiation; you can think of it like detecting the heat after a bomb went off.  But, even scientists like to constrain theory and try to find more.  One idea cosmologists came up with a long time ago(as far as things go in the scientific world these days), is to find the neutrino background.

The Neutrino background would push things past the recombination event.  Matter and electromagnetic radiation(light/photons) were coupled together for hundreds of thousands of years after the Big Bang.  Detecting the cosmic background radiation was a detection of when this light/matter coupling de-coupled, and the universe could be seen for the first time. Detecting the Cosmic Neutrino background would allow us to see things at a lot closer to when the Big Bang happened(although, there's still a lot that happened before the Neutrinoes decouples from the matter of the universe).

Gravity meters are also advancing.  They should detect gravity waves which can push cosmology even deeper into the big bang. But anyways,

The Plank satellite scientists seem to be able to derive through mathematics here, the Cosmic Neutrino background radiation!

- Ope, I should say more about those Neutrinoes.  Neutrinoes come out of the week nuclear force.  Quantum physicists have found four fundamental forces - gravitation, strong and week nuclear forces, and the electromagnetic force.  The neutrino comes from the weak nuclear force which actually comes from some w particles. Neutrinoes generally don't interact with anything.  They are one evidence that 'dark matter' can exist.  Cosmologists have mathematically shown that Neutrinoes cannot account for all the 'dark matter.'  So, to derive the cosmic neutrino background is a great accomplishment!  As exciting as the CERN/LHC detection of the Higgs particle just a few years ago!

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