Monday, March 2, 2015

astro picture for the day

ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope image

Found yet another pretty good Werner Von Braun documentary.  This is one of the first PBS Nova videos.

Some of what I posted on the youtube actually,

"A couple remarkable things already . . . the narrator; I've heard that voice before; that voice narrates the real, original "Planet Earth" of the 1980s, and not the mere photography(however good the photography was actually) of the Sigourney Weaver Planet Earth(I love Sigourney Weaver's Aliens movies).

Another interesting thing about this video is getting to see the most interviews of General Dornberger I've ever seen. It's been my understanding that General Dornberger was the buffer between Hitler and Werner Von Braun; General Dornberger was the reason Werner Von Braun was able to wear civilian cloths for six years while the rocket program was Nazy funded for six years until 1938 when the Nazies finally took notice and acknowledged a little bit that this rocketry business might go somewhere(Hitler for the most part didn't believe in rocketry).

When Werner Von Braun surrendered to the U.S.(instead o the Russians) at the end of the WWII . . . well, there's a rather famous video of Werner coming out with a cast.  Werner comes out one side, and Dornberger comes out the other side in a hat.  You see Dornberger, then some American private, and then Werner Von Braun.

This video also has Dieter Huzel who wrote "From Peenemunde to Canaveral", a book I found in a community college.  It's good to see him live; also, to find out that it was he who hid the V2 information in the V2 tunnels."

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