Monday, December 1, 2014

astro picture for the day

Image Credit: WISE, IRSA, NASA; Processing & Copyright : Francesco Antonucci

As I post in youtube, "The Petrans remind me of the Minoans.  They had a great cultural traditions that shaped their politics - use money and art to pay off whoever else is in power.  But, as this great documentary shows, the Petrans peaceful strategy couldn't weave through the winds of change. It comes to show that no country can last forever."

The above video led me to another great archaeology documentary that I haven't seen till now. This one is about Etruscans.  Etruscans are an iron age culture, that based on this great documentary, was a potentially great culture.  Once again, no matter how great, they just could not overcome winds of change.

A further note . . . perhaps part of these cultures problems was they spent their energies and wealth on art(and dare I say religion), instead of science and engineering.  This allowed competitors to catch up and then surpass them.

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