Monday, November 17, 2014

astro picture for the day/ Alexander Grothendieck passed away a few days ago

ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope image

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Mathematician Alexander Grothendieck passed away 13Nov2014.  The wiki here -- > Alexander Grothendieck , does a pretty good job showing his mathematics. He made generalisations of algebraic varieties(which comes out of the Fundamental theorem of Algebra remarkably enough; this was shown by David Hilbert - just one of the great things he did of course), and topology to stitch them together and make spaces of solutions of algebra and number theory. He made vast insights of Zeta functions and still the Riemann hypothesis appears to a distant dream for mathematicians!

This is a kind of famous picture of him,

I actually got on facebook just to try talking to him about why he chooses to hide his mathematics. One reason appears to be military applications. I simply said, that's the way culture goes sometimes.  Someday, all that will go away. Considering how his father died in Auswitch, it was probably almost impossible to get through to him. 

Another reason hinted at many times is a embracing of religion. Seems to me, I first posted my deductive disproof of a god on his facebook(posted here on 7/12/11).  It never got erased . . . I did see one post by him to the affect "wow, amazing how many friends I have!"

A little sorry to say, but I find people don't do great things they could do often because of crazy influences and upbringing(religion). This is the reason for this blog!  Alexander Grothendieck started trying to ban libraries and any knowledge of much less use of his  mathematical discoveries. Unless someone can disprove what I say on this blog, I feel 100% justified in what I've been doing here.

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