Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Image credit: Hubble Space Telescope

Science/Technology news extra,

Scientists fold RNA origami from a single strand

Paul Rothemund innovated dna-origami, and it's been exciting; now, he's back with Rna-origami.

Synthetic biology could solve medical and energy problems that nanotechnologists hoped/thought nano-manufacturing would solve. But, nanomanufacturing is still desired for manufacturing of materials on both a nanoscale and macroscale. Synthetic biology cannot do this; the question in my mind was always, how can we combine synthetic biology with dna-nanotechnology?

Well, maybe dna-nanotechnology still isn't quite combined with synthetic biologoy; but, here, we have rna-nanotechnology combined with synthetic biology!
and from the article,

"The primary application for these molecular shapes is to build scaffolds for arranging other microscopic components, such as proteins, into groups that allow them to work together. For example, using the scaffolds as a foundation to build a microscopic chemical factory in which products are passed from one protein enzyme to the next." Andersen explains.

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