Friday, June 20, 2014

astro video for the day / quote for the day

Quote for the day,

"The dreams of today, are the realities of tomorrow" - William Goddard

- Science/Technology news extras,

Metabolic map of human body created . This metabolic map can go a long way to determining correct targeting of drugs/chemicals by doctors.

3D Systems’ Fab-Grade 3D Printers Break The Speed Barrier Surpassing Traditional Injection Molding

The ability to 3d print macroscopic objects in seconds instead of hours should make 3d printing very practical indeed. Of course, SpaceX is already making some of their rocket using 3d printing; now, 3d printing is far less expensive and hence can be used to make the rest of their space technology!  Of course all other space companies can make their space rocketry.

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