Friday, May 30, 2014

astro picture for the day

Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA - Processing & Licence: Judy Schmidt

- I post Arthur C. Clarke's "Riddle of the Stones" from his Mysterious world video series; it features La Grange and of course Stonehenge. I've found another great Britain/Ireland Neolithic architecture,

La Hougue Bie .

Here's a British humor youtube of La Hougue Bie.  La Hougue Bie is not on the British or Ireland island; it's on a smaller island west of France.

- some dna-nanotech news,

The New York based Nadrian Seeman led team reports patterning of proteins.

"Fibrils are remarkably strong and, as such, are a good barometer for this method's ability to form two-dimensional structures," observes Seeman. "If we can manipulate the orientations of fibrils, we can do the same with other linear materials in the future." I would think this means a general ability to make nanomechanical parts out of proteins/peptides(a kind of artificial protein that can do more things than proteins can).

- SpaceX news,

I'm a little late here; but, Elon Musk hosts the unveiling of his Dragon V2 stage of his rockets.  The V2 will be able to get humans out to space, and he even suggests Lunar missions.  So, he says the first flights for DragonV2 are around late 2016; so, Lunar missions a little bit after that?  I don't know; but, I'd guess that's the plan.  Here's the video,

What's really exciting about the Dragon V2 is the rockets are 3d printed!  Really, this 3d printing just shows a faint hint of coming abilities both technological in general and Space access in particular!  As he says, the rockets of Dragon V1 are like 100 pounds of thrust; the rockets on the V2 Dragon are 16,000 pounds of thrust!

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