Wednesday, February 12, 2014

astro picture for the day/note for the day

Image Credit & Copyright: Leonardo Orazi

- Note for the day, post 5/24/11, or "thought for the day/the U.S. Capital building and non-Euclidean geometries!", about Democracy has been updated! I think I'll post more ganglands.  This is amazing.  These ganglands give great frontrow seats on the formations of cults/religions.  Understand that cults are gangs with mythology and religion is just a big cult, and these gangland videos are a goldmine!  The first gangland video is remarkable because it shows that the first 'Lethal Weapon' plot actually had a real life story incarnation!

Highlights I found in this episode,

"It's o.k. for people to respect you. But when they fear you, now you got the power." - Frank Lucas
"We ruled that with an iron fist." - Nicky Barnes
They had a chain of command, and ruled by violence.  Frank Lucas learned fear rules by the Ku Klux Klan. "Anybody can die for no reason" - Frank Lucas.
Frank learned gangster life from a Bumpy Johnson.  Bumpy learned from the Sicilian mafia(most of the Mafia of the early 1900s were Sicilians).

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