Tuesday, December 10, 2013

quote for the day/ yet another Apollo program youtube; this time a bit more focused on the engineering of the Saturn V

Image Credit & Copyright: Rogelio Bernal Andreo (Deep Sky Colors)
“We can never return to the alleged innocence and beauty of the closed society. Our dream of heaven cannot be realized on earth. Once we begin to rely upon our reason, and to use our powers of criticism, once we feel the call of personal responsibilities, and with it, the responsibility of helping to advance knowledge, we cannot return to a state of implicit submission to tribal magic.
For those ...that have eaten of the tree of knowledge, paradise is lost. The more we try to return to the heroic age of tribalism, the more surely do we arrive at the Inquisition, at the Secret Police, and at a romanticized gangsterism. Beginning with the suppression of reason and truth, we must end with the most brutal and violent destruction of all that is human. There is no return to a harmonious state of nature. If we turn back, then we must go the whole way - we must return to the beasts. It is an issue which we must face squarely, hard though it may be for us to do so. If we dream of a return to our childhood, if we are tempted to rely on others and so be happy, if we shrink from the task of carrying our cross, the cross of humaneness, of reason, of responsibility, if we loose courage and flinch from the strain, then we must try to fortify ourselves with a clear understanding of the decision before us. We can return to the beasts. But if we wish to remain human, there is only one way, the way into the open society. We must go into the unknown, the uncertain and insecure, using what reason me may have to plan as well as we can for both security and freedom. ” - Karl Popper

This Apollo program video has some more stuff about the Saturn V rocket.  It doesn't have anything of my wright-up interestingly enough.  I'll have to find my article in this blog sometime!  I haven't watched any of the other videos of this video series.  I see there's some stuff about the navigation computer, the command module and the Lunar lander separately!  I can't imagine two forty minute videos on the command module and lunar lander separately!  There's also a video on the lunar rover!


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