Friday, May 3, 2013

astro picture for the day/ australia's first 4 billion years video series

I couldn't get the image onto the blog; so, I can only direct you to the website of a hugh picture of Mars.   I've changed picture for this post because of my pointing out the great new video series of Australia.  I can't help noticing that Australia like Mars is red!

quote for the day

"5. And as for the writings of the Greeks, they are all put out and vanished, but this man's shine brighter day by day. For from the time that he (was) and the other fishermen, since then the (doctrines) of Pythagoras and of Plato, which seemed before to prevail, have ceased to be spoken of, and most men do not know them even by name." - Saint John Chrysostom  link, Saint John Chrysostom anti-science quote finally found! Will I have to re-edit my "Gospel of Truth" again?  No, not really, this and much else of the same time period of Saint John Chrysostom comes after all that I show in that wright-up. Like I said at the end of my "Gospel of Truth", there's plenty more to say!

Life is interesting because much of the universe appears to be non-life.  Intelligent life is interesting because it seems to be able to understand this universe - both the life and non-life portions. Or at least, intelligent life can learn something.  It can engineer both the life and non-life for its own purposes. Intelligent life on this planet seems to have only made a real understanding of the universe in its main outlines just the last century. So, it makes sense to fight irrationality; this is what this blog does.

Few people today seem to try and see this whole scientific view.  The scarcity of good science videos is evidence enough for that.  Let's see, there's Jacob Bronowski's "Ascent of Man", Carl Sagan's "Cosmos", James Burke's "Connections", and "The Day the Universe Changed", the "Mechanical Universe", i'd add John Romer's "Testament" for a scientific understanding of the Bible(there's also been Silverman and Israel Finkelstein's "The Bible Unearthed" made into a video which I have), and maybe a few other things like "The Minotaur's Island" by Bettany Hughes. But, for the most part, those are it.  I showed the Planet Earth; the original Planet Earth before the recent more great photography(and it is good photography) kindof hid it from public view.  I mean this Planet Earth, The real, original Planet Earth video series . I should link link Bettany Hughes Minotaur Island as well since it doesn't seem to me that I had shown this video. Bettany Hughes "The Minotaur's Island" . There's been some stuff on life on Earth that perhaps I havn't viewed.  There's a famous Attenborogh who appears to have made a "Life" video.  I havn't checked it out.  But, I have recently found a new pretty good science video on life in general.  This one is shown through the history of Australia.  It shows that Australia can show the history of life throughout Earth's history.

Only two of the four episodes are up on youtube right now.  I'll link to the second here, Nova Life Explodes Australia's First Four Billion Years

I was a little bit disappointed by the third episode about dinosaurs; as it turns out, finding Dinosaur fossils in Australia was kindof hard as said in the episode.  So, they're still working out that history of Australia.  With that consideration, the third episode isn't so bad. This video series doesn't address self-organization from chemical reactions to life or Gaia theory and symbiosis which is even better established.  So that is also a little disappointing for this video series.  Still, for the most part, this is a pretty good science video about what we know scientifically about the history of life on Earth.

There's been biologists who have tried to infer what philosophy of science and you could say scientific humanism in Richard Dawkins; but, I havn't gotten around to reading his famous "The Selfish gene."  I'm tempted to more and more I suppose.
------------------------------------crazy science/technology for the day
I suppose I don't have any new dna-nanotech for today, but maybe more appropriately is this,

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