Tuesday, January 22, 2013

astro picture for the day/ Human space colonization starting to happen

Credit: ESA/Herschel/PACS/L. Decin et al

This is a latest picture from Herschel space telescope image of Betelgues - a star of the orions belt.  This is a supergiant star that has been around for awhile.  Astronomers think it's ready to go supernova.  It could go off tomorrow, or in a thousand years.

thought for the day;

Industrialism gives humanity the power to solve a lot of problems, even go out to space.  But, it comes with a ticking time bomb - that of the dependence on non-renewable resources.   The problem is compounded by the fact of how many people industrialism allows to live above the level of animals.  If the plug is pulled from out under industrialisms rug, billions of people have grown up conditioned to live in a concrete forest; they don't know how to forage much less farm.  The contribution of science to the human condition can come crashing down real fast.  There's two solutions; one space expansion, and two nanomanufacturing.  Seems that both possibilities are maturing together!

A few days ago, Planetary Resources decided to make an update on their progress to tap the material resources of outer space.

As it turns out, Planetary resources has competition!


Of course, SpaceX is solving the rocket problems, Bigalow is providing inflatable space stations, and nanotube guys are making space elevators possible! 

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