Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope image

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In my previous incarnation of this blog, I mentioned Cardano who more or less stole Tartaglia's solution to the cubic equation and then innovated complex numbers to solve cubics.  I mentioned that in his biography, he mentions how he'd torture himself to ease the pains of life; how he'd growl at people to instill fear in them.  I also mentioned how in his later years, in his collaborations with a Ferrari(who solved the general closed form fourth degree equation), he became less of a fear monger.  I mentioned his biography because it was proof that people fear monger.  I've been trying to argue that people fear monger only to be thrown into a psych ward for saying so.  I've shown that in general, the religious fear monger to get their way(you're going to hell if you don't believe in me and my god; Jesus Christ says this also), and that some mathematical scientists, or even the majority through time as they grow older perhaps, reason, and that reason is the peacefull way for humanity; and, that's a big part of why I wrote the previous incarnation of this blog and more or less why I've decided to pretty much put it back up. Well, I've found another interesting proof of fear mongering instead of reason to get ones way - torture instruments!

People torture and use torture instruments for many reasons; sometimes they want to instill fear in the populace; other times however, it's because people are acting up; they can't get the information out of them peacefully, so in times of desperation, people resort to torture to get valuable information out of them.  No matter how one looks at the very fact of torture instruments, torture instruments are proof of people playing vagueness games and fear mongering.

I'm not sure what this is; but, it looks gruesome enough!

--------------------------------------------science/tech news for the day!

Dwave goes from a hundred to a thousand qbits!

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