Saturday, February 18, 2012

thought for the day/ significance of stones for the beginnings of mankind

It took me almost all day to remember a thought I had this morning while hiking down the canyon next to my house.  Mostly the birds inspired me.  There's the age old arguement that language allows mankind to pass down knowledge that otherwise has to get relearned(I must have been thinking about that one, something, whether a squirrel or some smaller bird, that I saw an eagle nail in the bushes.  I watched this hawk eat something for awhile; i then moved around and the Hawk decided I must be trying to take its kill and it finaly flew away.) 

Everybody figures that the first stone tools must have allowed the Australopithacines a technological advantage.  But, what if those stones grouped together(that's how anthropologists find them) represent things. Or, that they were used to represent things.  Used to mark places foragers have been to before.  Used to represent terretorial boundaries(there's a Genesis chapter about this actualy; i should edit this later after finding it). 

These stones could have been invaluable communications millions of years ago before our intelligence developed the vocals for 'vocal language.'

But, here could be the real kicker!  If these stones were used for communication(a primitive language) millions of years ago; and, they could have been used for mathematics; then, language and mathematics could be as intertwined as I suggested somewhere on this blog much earlier(yep, this blog has gotten to big even for me!)

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